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Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

Looking for a fantastic place to dine with friends and family? Head down to Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse for prime rib, USDA Choice steaks, the Unlimited Farmer’s Market Salad Bar and more! From our comfortable, friendly restaurant atmosphere to our wide variety of savory menu selections, there’s something for everyone at Charlie Brown’s.

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse opened its first location in Tenafly, NJ in December 1970. For 40 years, the restaurant’s mission has been to serve the highest quality cuts of meat available in a classic steakhouse atmosphere for the entire family. The “Preferred Neighborhood Steakhouse,” and New Jersey icon, Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse has maintained its family environment over the years. The success of the first Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse restaurant led to the opening of additional locations, and the brand soon grew to become one of the largest casual steakhouse chains in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, with a total of 49 locations throughout these three states.

  1. My mother deserves to have brunch at Charlie Brown’s steakhouse more than any mother I know. My mother has always been there for me and my three siblings. We grew up without a father in our lives but she always made sure we were well taken care of and had everything we needed. She is the kindest, most selfless person, who always puts others before herself. Her four children are now all grown and she has 11 grandchildren. It doesn’t matter that we are all married with children ourselves, our mother is still there for all of us in any way she can. She is there to lend an ear when we need her to listen and she gives advice whenever advice is needed. Her love for us is unconditional and her caring, giving nature is all we have ever known. Her guidance throughout our lives has not only been much needed but never taken for granted. Not only is she there for her children but her grandchildren as well. This is all In spite of the fact that she has a husband who has the begun to need care and assistance with daily tasks almost around the clock. She is still there for all of us and her husband too. We love our mother and all four of us would love to see her get out and enjoy herself at Charlie Brown’s for Mother’s Day. She truly deserves it!

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